Our Mission

Serving Exceptional Afro-Caribbean Cuisine With Style And Grace

Our Story

Rock Steady borrows its name from the popular 1960s Jamaican music characterized by a mellow, swaying rhythm. 

Our menu focuses on contemporary renditions of traditional Jamaican cuisine, but also features Haitian and West African dishes. Taking cues from the convivial, community vibe of the Caribbean, several plates are generous enough in size to be enjoyed with others. Dishes can be complemented with selections from our menu of hand-crafted rum-based cocktails, locally sourced spirits or craft beer.

We are committed to using authentic ingredients from the African diaspora that are both seasonally and sustainably sourced. We are catering to people nostalgic for signature Caribbean dishes in terms of ingredients, freshness, and flavor but who also appreciate novel and unexpected twists.

While there are already great traditional and modern Afro-Caribbean restaurants in Atlanta, Rock Steady offers guests a chance to experience the region’s rich culinary tradition in a new way.

Our Founders

Inspired by years of living and traveling in the Caribbean and Africa, celebrated restaurateur and nightclub owner Joe Russo  created Rock Steady to give Atlantans an immersive sensory sampling of the vibrant cuisines of the West Indies in an upmarket setting.

“With every venue, my goal is to bring people from all cultures and influences together to enjoy a unique experience whether it’s based on music, culture, or food. Rock Steady is my latest commitment to that vision.” 

– Joe Russo, Owner

Haitian-American entrepreneur and photographer Jacob Thomas drew inspiration for the restaurant from his cultural roots in addition to his passion for the arts, travel, and cooking for friends and family. 

“It’s important that we raise the bar with everything we do at Rock Steady, from the service to our thoughtfully curated music selection and menu.” 

– Jacob Thomas, Co-Founder and Principal 

While working in the event industry in Chicago, Thomas and Russo became friends. Over time, they discussed several potential concepts in hospitality that would provide unique, quality experiences while highlighting their shared passion for music, art, design, and culture.